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Formula 1 Car 3D Puzzle

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Supplied in Kit form
64 Parts
Glue required
Instructions Included

Model is loosely based on the real/full size item as described below.

Key additional details of source item

The Formula One Car is an open cockpit, single-seat racing car with front and rear wings, with the engine positioned behind the driver. There are very specific regulations (FIA) regarding these racing vehicles which are revised every few years. They are constructed of composites such as carbon fiber and other weight saving materials, however currently the minimum weight requirement is 740kg including the driver but excluding fuel.

Every competing F1 Car is capable of going from 0 to 160km/h and back to 0 in less than 5 seconds! The official top speed record (in race conditions) of 372.6 km/h was set by Juan Pablo Montoya of the McLaren-Mercedes F1 team in 2005. The record has been un-officially broken since then but not confirmed by the FIA.
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