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Jeep Wrangler 3D Puzzle (Brown)

(This product has a limit set to 1 item(s) per order)
Supplied in Kit form
Dimensions: 210x130x110mm
55 Parts
Glue required
Instructions Included

Model is loosely based on the real/full size item as described below.

Key additional details of source item

This SUV was manufactured by various companies including American Motors, Chrysler Corporation, Daimler Chrysler, Chrysler LLC, Chrysler Group LLC, FCA US LLC, Arab American Vehicles and Pars Khodro. Manufactured from 1987 to present day. All models featured 4 wheel drive off-road capabilities, using a separate body and frame construction, with front and rear rigid live axles. Since 2005 the Wrangler has been offered in manual 6 speed and automatic configurations.

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