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Cessna Airplane 3D Puzzle

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Supplied in Kit form
46 Parts
Glue required
Instructions Included

Model is loosely based on the real/full size item as described below.

Key additional details of source item

The Cessna 3D Puzzle is based off the Cessna 172 Skyhawk manufactured by the original company named Cessna Aircraft Company (now a subsidiary of Textron) of which is in the Aerospace Industry. It is an American 4 seater, single engined high fixed wing aircraft. It was first flown in 1955 and is the most successful flown aircraft. Over 44000 have been built to date. It's primary role is as a Civil Utility Aircraft. It is an improved tricycle landing gear variant of the 170 version. The are over 20 subsequent versions of the 172 denoted by the alpha suffix in the version number. eg. 172R
Typical key performance ratings: 
Cruise Speed: 226 km/h
Stall Speed: 87 km/h
Never Exceed Speed: 302 km/h
Range: 1289 km (with 45 minute reserve @ 55% power @ 12000 ft)
Service Ceiling: 4100m
Rate of Climb: 3.66 m/s
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